The theme

Each edition of the World Expo has a unique theme. The theme proposed for the São Paulo World Expo 2020 is “Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth”, and it fully expresses what the city is and how it can contribute, as a major metropolis, to global society. In addition, São Paulo would also be the first Latin American city to ever hold a World Expo.

The future life style of upcoming generations and the future of a world without borders will be the main theme of the debates and events held during the São Paulo Expo 2020. The themes and subthemes of the exposition focus on some of the biggest challenges that the international community should face in the next decades, and they establish a strong connection between the São Paulo Expo 2020 and the previous editions of the event, promoting the educational goals of the BIE.

In today’s world, respect for diversity is a driving force of development, not only with regards to economic growth, but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life, contributing for poverty reduction and the achievement of sustainable development. At the same time, acceptance and recognition of diversity – in particular through innovative use of media and information and communications technologies (ICTs) – are conducive to dialogue among civilizations and cultures, respect and mutual understanding.

Diversity is one of the trademarks of Brazil. Its vast territory aggregates different people, their customs, cuisine and religion. In the country known for samba, carnival and football, there is also plenty of room for the discovery of natural wonders, the Brazilian art, culture and economy. In this sense, Brazil provides the perfect ambiance for the debate and the exchange of experiences and knowledge on “Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth”.

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, with a city population of about 11 million and almost 20 million in its metropolitan region. It is the capital of the Southeastern state of São Paulo, and also a beehive of activities that offers an exciting nightlife and an intense cultural experience.

São Paulo is a cosmopolitan city yet with immigrants coming from various parts of the world. Historically, the city was the main destination of immigrants from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and Lebanon. Currently, there are significant foreign populations originated from Bolivia, Peru, Nigeria, Angola, China and South Korea.


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